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Parent Library in Conference Room

We now have a Parent Library available with many resources that would benefit parents.
Parents are welcome to sign out books. Please come in to the main office to view the collection.
Please see the attached list to view the titles.

Many thanks to Rosanna Bozzo-Fielding for documenting the titles.



e-math+ is a comprehensive digital learning tool built to support your child’s mathematics education in grades 3-6. It is designed to provide tools to reinforce your child’s learning, while also providing resources to assist you in supporting your child at home.

Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB)

The Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB) provides teachers, students, and parents
(Kindergarten through Grade 12) with access to thousands of learning/educational resources
created by the Ministry of Education and teachers from publically funded schools across Ontario.
The OERB houses over 24,000 curriculum-tagged teaching and learning resources, including:
interactive multimedia objects, lessons, videos and activities. All resources are searchable by
multiple means and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Students can use these resources to help improve their understanding of concepts studied. Parents
can use materials from this site to further support their children’s learning at home and to help
with homework and/or assignments.
New users are encouraged to contact the school to obtain the user id and password required to
access the many resources available on the Ontario Educational Resource Bank.
On-Line Math Resource for the Home

On-Line Math Resource for the Home

The website is Nelson Math ( ... ). Grades 3 to 8 contain a Student Centre with activities and interactive computer games which enhance and support the curriculum expectations taught daily to your child and corresponds closely to the Nelson student text. Online resources are not presently available for the Grades 7 and 8 Math Makes Sense but the Nelson companion site reviews the same expectations for your child.

In future months, we will be adding more online resources for parents onto our website.
Mathematics and the Home Connection

Mathematics and the Home Connection

View Math Practices and Resources

Math Activities

Math Activities

Try Out Some Activities

Tips and Tools for Parents

ABC...123... reach every student!
Please visit the following link for handy tips on a variety of ways to help your child at home!