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Principal's Message

Principal's Welcome Message

Welcome back to everyone! Our school motto is “Working Together With Jesus We Succeed”. With Jesus as our guide, we strive toward excellence, cooperation, and success. The home/school/parish partnership in helping our students’ succeed is crucial in this process. We are looking forward to working with you to provide a high quality Catholic Education to our students and having another successful and positive year.

Together, we will continue to set a direction to build a culture of acceptance and belonging within the school. The goal is for each student to have a sense of belonging within our community. The use of “Restorative Practices” at our school will engage learners will achieve to their true potential.

The Cardinal and Theological virtues will be promoted this year as ideals for Christ-like behaviour. Virtues, of course, are gifts from God that lead us to live in a close relationship with Him. The Theological virtues come from God and lead to God; they include: Faith, Hope, and Charity. The Cardinal virtues are human virtues and they are acquired by education and good actions. The Cardinal Virtues include: Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance. For a fuller description of the virtues visit: ... .

Monthly assemblies will occur to plant a seed to encourage these virtues and a school focus to support the development of these virtues will be offered over the course of the month. Student awards will also be given at the end of each month to recognize students who have done an exemplary job modeling the virtue of focus. Mr. Brennan is thanked for taking the lead on this initiative throughout the year.

In partnership with Father Laszlo Amaszka, we have outlined our faith activities for the year! Class visits and monthly masses will help our students grow in their Catholic Faith. Sacramental preparation for our grade two students will lead to them making their First Reconciliation on Sunday, March 25th (2:00 p.m.). They will then be more prepared to receive their First Communion on Sunday, April 8th (2:00 p.m.). Our grade 7 students will receive Confirmation on June 3rd (2:00 p.m.). Father will also participate on our Catholic School Council. Father has been kind to invite our grade eight students to celebrate their graduation on Thursday, June 21st (5:00 p.m.), at the parish, with a student reception to follow in the school gym. Please note of these important dates.